Southside Arts & Agricultural Center

The Southside Arts & Agricultural Center (SAAC) is a collaborative team of organizations, grassroots leaders and community members creating a new narrative of hope in the Southside through pathways to healing and economic mobility involving arts, culture and food justice.

SAAC has facilitated the construction of a covered pavilion in Southside Community Gardens, to be used as a community performance space and has worked to secure nearly $400,000 in funds towards the renovation of the Edington Center auditorium. SAAC envisions the auditorium and pavilion will serve as spaces that cultivate healing, restoring and reclaiming community through various forms of black culture, creativity, arts and agriculture. The collaborating partners of SAAC include: Hood Huggers International, Green Opportunities, Bountiful Cities, the Residents Council of Asheville Housing Authority, Southside Community Gardens, Word On The Street and an intergenerational cohort of longtime community residents.